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About Checkers

Since 2004 Checkers® has been providing professional, quality service to our customers. It has grown from a two person operation based in Sidney, Montana to a multi-collector operation serving in multiple locations serving eastern Montana and western North Dakota.

Checkers®, Inc. is a 24-hour drug and alcohol test collection facility covering the western half of North Dakota and the eastern half of Montana. We are a collection facility only and currently work with over 100 different Consortium/Third Party Administrators from across the United States and Canada.

We are highly qualified in the drug-and-alcohol testing industry and our goal is to help keep your company compliant. All our collectors are DOT and Non-DOT qualified for Urine Drug Screens, Breath Alcohol and Hair Testing.

Be sure when working with a collection facility that they are properly insured. Please click here for a copy of our proof of insurance.

24-Hour Convenience

From undergoing our own random drug and alcohol screenings, we understand the inconvenience of scheduling testing with a facility that has limited hours. That's how we developed the concept of 24-hour service. You call, we go!

When we get the call for a collection, you may choose to use our collection site, or we can conduct the test at your place of business. To ensure the integrity of the drug-and-alcohol testing process, we secure a restroom and perform the test in a private area. The employee can be back on the job within 10 to 15 minutes, increasing productivity in your workplace.

We do testing – no matter the size or need!

Our Staff

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Our collectors are well trained and receive annual continued education courses on Federal and State Regulations. All collectors are DOT and Non-DOT qualified with certifications for Breath Alcohol Testing using LifeLoc equipment, Urine Drug Screen collections and Hair Testing. We also conduct monthly audits on completing their custody and control forms properly and quarterly audits on conducting a collection.

Federal rules state that "an employer's good faith use of a collector that is not qualified is no excuse and cannot serve as a defense to an enforcement action by DOT, or in an action by a former applicant or employee." The rules require collectors to produce written documentation of qualifications upon request. Employers must have documentation confirming several elements of collection personnel qualifications. Initially these include:

  • 49 CFR 40.33(b) Qualification Training
  • 49 CFR 40.33(c) Initial Proficiency Demonstrations
  • 49 CFR 40.33(c)(2) Qualified Monitor
  • 49 CFR 40.33(a) Keeping Current on the Rules

Subsequently, Error Correction Training and Refresher Training must also be documented. Therefore, in order to fully document collector qualification and ensure compliance for all involved, it is imperative that the rules must be followed. There have been many reported cases throughout the country of employees who have tested positive for illicit drug use, but get their job back, because the collector was not qualified, or did not have proof that they were. This can be very costly to the employer, their TPA and to the collector.

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